How to buy or sell on Magufyy

Selling an item: How To post an Item

You need to create a free account before you can post your products.

When posting items, you’ll need to include title, price, and location. The more information you provide, the more likely you’ll be able to sell your item faster. Help buyers find your item faster by adding a description, category, and any additional useful information.

To get started
  1. Create a free Magufy Account 

  2. Tap Take Photo, or to choose from pictures you already have, tap Select Photo

  • Use a cover photo that shows the whole item, by itself

  • Add at least 2 more photos (maximum of 8). Items with more photos sell faster

  • Enter a detailed Title

    • Include name, brand, year, or size, as applicable

    • Double-check your spelling. If people can’t search for it, they may not be able to find it.

To add details:

You now have the option to add more details to your products. While there are only two required fields (Category and Prices), we highly recommend filling out as many fields as possible. This makes it easier for buyers to find your products quickly and for you to sell your products faster!

  1. Select the item’s Category or confirm that the category selected for you is accurate.

    • For example, if you’re selling a house, make sure it’s in Houses, not in Clothing & shoes

    • If you don’t see the category you want, pick the closest one

  2. Select the item’s Sub-category if available (optional)

  3. Set the item’s Condition. (The default condition is set to Good (for Cars & Trucks only) or Used (normal wear) and will need to be adjusted as you see fit.)

  4. Provide information for as many of the other fields as you can.

  5. Write a quick Description

    • While this field is optional, we highly recommend adding a short description to your products. Listings without a description often get lower buyer interest.

    • Add values for any field(s) that a buyer will need information on in order to make a purchase. (Example: Size for clothing, Shoes, etc.)

    • Car: include info like the year, make, and model. 

    • Furniture: include height, width, and length

  6. Enter your Price

    • Try setting a price that’s the same or less than what similar items are selling for online. 

Buying a product

How To Buy A Product?

When purchasing a product of any kind, pre-owned or new, there are several steps you can take to help ensure a smooth purchasing process. 

Check the price!

Before you make an offer, do some research to make sure the price is fair, and your offer is competitive.

Meet in-person with Make offer.
  1. When you find a local item you like, tap Make offer or Ask to chat with the seller about the item.

  2. Once the seller agrees to your offer, find a Community, public place near the both of you to meet.

  3. When meeting in person, make sure you’re satisfied with the item and go ahead and make payment in cash or using any other payment you both agreed on such as  Lumicash, ecoCash …

How To Get Product Support?

Thorough descriptions of posted items and transparent conversations about the details of an offer will help everyone find more success more quickly.

Tips for buyers

See our recommendations below to help your buying experience go smoothly.

Shop smart

  • Take a good look at the photo, description, and condition of anything you’re interested in. The photo should show the actual item for sale, not a catalog photo.

  • If anything’s unclear or you want more details, tap Ask to message the seller. Tips for messaging

  • Read reviews of similar items online so you know what to expect.

  • For high-value items, get an expert’s feedback. For example, if you’re buying a cell phone, plan to meet at a carrier store to have the phone verified as unlocked and in working order. For expensive antiques or jewelry, get a certified appraisal. 

Connect with sellers

  • Read the seller’s profile to get to know more about them, see the ratings and badges they’ve earned, and take a look at their other listings. 

  • Use Magufy’s messaging system to ask about items you like, or to make arrangements to buy and meet up.

  • If you want a closer look at something before you offer, message the seller to ask them to add an additional photo to the listing. Let them know if there are particular details you’d like to see.

  • We strongly recommend not exchanging personal information. Communicating outside of Magufy makes it more difficult for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

Negotiate prices

  • If an item’s price is negotiable, the seller’s listed price can be considered a rough guideline.

  • Be fair. If you have an idea of the item’s value, don’t make a lowball offer. The seller will be less likely to respond.

  • If the seller has set a very low price for an item clearly worth more, offer a reasonable price.

  • Be respectful and open to counter-offers.

Meet and pay

  • We recommend meeting at a public location like a cafe or shopping mall. For high-value items, consider meeting at a police station or public places

  • If you are purchasing a large item, bring a friend to help lift.

  • When you’re on your way, inform the seller how long it should take you to get there. If you’re running late, please let the seller know so nobody is kept waiting.

  • Inspect the item in person when you meet. You have the option to politely decline to buy if it isn’t what you want.

  • Magufy does not recommend paying with gift cards, personal/certified checks.

  • Once money has been exchanged for an item, the sale is final. Resolve any questions or issues with the seller before you pay.

Report problems

  • If you find an item on Magufy that isn’t allowed under our Posting rules, or a seller seems suspicious, tap Report_Flag.png Report   to report it so we can investigate. 

  • Remember: if you ever find yourself in an emergency or feel that your personal safety is threatened, always contact local police and emergency services first.


Posting rules

To help make the buying and selling experience enjoyable for everyone, please follow these guidelines when posting items.

We may remove content that violates these guidelines. In cases of severe or repeated violations, we may suspend or cancel an account or take other action. For more information, please see our Terms of service.


Magufy is a way to connect with your local community and beyond. Use your true identity and honestly represent yourself. Please:

  • Use one account per user.

  • Don’t use a throw-away email address. This signals to us that you might not be here for the right reasons.

  • Don’t create accounts designed to impersonate someone else.

  • Don’t use emulators or third-party sites to post on Magufy. You must be the owner of your item.

  • Represent yourself in a neighborly way when creating your account and custom profile link.


To allow buyers to get a true feel for the items you’re selling, please:

  • Always include an image of the item. Posts with no image, including those with a photo containing only text, aren’t allowed.

  • Include high-quality, well-lit photos.

  • Keep the photo clean by not adding extra stickers or text.

  • Post an image of the actual item, not a catalog or stock photo.

  • Use your own photos. Don’t use photos that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

Duplicate posts

Multiple posts showing identical items from the same seller can be confusing to buyers, and difficult to manage for sellers. Even if you have more than one of the same item, please list one at a time. Don’t post the same item in more than one listing or in multiple categories.

Posting location

Please list an accurate geographic location so your local buyers can arrange to meet you for pickup. If you want to sell something outside your area, list it for selling and shipping nationwide. 

Titles, descriptions, & prices

Titles and descriptions should give buyers a clear, honest, and accurate description so they can tell if the item is what they’re looking for. Some things to avoid:

  • Don’t add keywords or price points intended to manipulate search results.

  • Do not set prices that are clearly inflated above standard market value.

  • Don’t link to websites or post URLs.

  • Don’t provide personal information, such as a phone number or email address.

  • Don’t solicit risky payment methods 

Messaging & communication

Magufy messaging lets you communicate with others without sharing personal information or leaving the app. Remember, the use of in-app messaging to circumvent prohibited items or posting rules isn’t allowed. 

Prohibited items

Most items are allowed on Magufy, but there are a few types of items that aren’t permitted. Some may present legal issues or be dangerous, while others may be offensive or not in line with the spirit of our community. Read the prohibited items guidelines for details.

Fee avoidance

Sometimes fees may be incurred when posting certain kinds of items or making cashless transactions. Any action by a seller to avoid paying a fee is strictly prohibited. It’s important to remember that if you don’t pay these fees, whether intentionally or by mistake, your listings may be removed. 


Posts that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or terms may be removed at our discretion. Additional actions may be taken for severe or repeat offenses.

What we’re doing

Our teams work around the clock to ensure the safety of our marketplace and enforcement of our policies. We review posted content to ensure that transactions for buyers and sellers are ethical, safe and protected.

  • We remove posts and take action on accounts that violate our policies.

  • We work with law enforcement to do our part in supporting their investigations.

  • We’re continuously updating our product features to create a more trustworthy marketplace experience.

  • We understand that our work is never done.

Help keep our community strong

If you see a prohibited item on Magufy, please report it in the app. On that item’s page, tap  Report, then Prohibited on Magufuly, then Done. For more information on reporting a person or an item, please see Report a person or item.

For additional restrictions on behavior such as profanity and harassment, please see Community guidelines.


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