How to report a listing and users

See an item or job listing that doesn’t belong on Magufy? Report it. When you report listings that are inappropriate, offensive, fake, or potentially dangerous, you help to keep the Magufy community safe and trustworthy.

  1. When to Report a Listing:

    • Consider reporting a listing under the following circumstances:
      • The listing contains a prohibited item, including any item that is counterfeit, recalled, offensive, or stolen.
      • The listing contains a prohibited job, including any job that is illegal, offensive, or promotes racism or violence.
      • The listing violates Magufy’s Posting rules or Community guidelines.
  2. How to Report a Listing:

    • When you encounter a listing that you believe violates Magufy’s policies, follow these steps:
      1. Scroll down past the Description in the listing.
      2. Tap the “Report Abuse” button.
      3. Select the reason for reporting the listing.
      4. Optionally, add a note explaining why you’re reporting it.
      5. Tap “Submit Report,” then “Done.”
  3. Third-Party Job Listings:

    • Some job listings may not have a Report button available because they are posted by a third-party provider. If you have concerns about such a job listing, reach out to us via the “Contact Us” button.
  4. Anonymity and Additional Actions:

    • When you report a listing, you remain anonymous to avoid retaliation or offending community members.
    • You can also block or report a buyer or seller in addition to reporting listings.

Feel free to use this process to help maintain a safe and trustworthy Magufy community!