Tips for Messaging on Magufy

When you wish to communicate with a buyer or seller regarding an item, you can utilize the messaging feature within the Magufy platform. Messaging provides a secure platform to discuss items, inquire about details, and propose meetup locations. To optimize your interactions with fellow community members, consider these messaging tips:

Ony message through the Magufy platform.

For your safety, it’s strongly advised to communicate solely through Magufy’s messaging feature. This ensures the privacy of your personal information, such as your phone number and email address. Messaging within the platform allows Magufy to retain records of your conversations, aiding in potential investigations for claims or item disputes. Exercise caution if users prompt you to chat outside the platform, as this is a common tactic used by scammers.

Avoid sharing personal information

To safeguard yourself, refrain from sharing any personal details, including your phone number, email address, home address, or Magufy account password, during conversations with buyers or sellers. If you encounter suspicious users, prioritize your safety and that of the community by reporting them. Refer to the “How to block or report someone” section for more details.

Respond to messages quickly

 Timely responses significantly benefit interactions. Generally, reputable buyers and sellers reply within an hour, sometimes even within minutes. Quick responses facilitate a smoother buying and selling process, enhancing your profile with badges, compliments, and positive ratings.

Get notified about new messages

To ensure swift responses, Magufy sends email and push notifications whenever you receive new messages. If you’re not receiving these notifications, check and adjust your settings within the app and on your mobile device. Refer to the “Managing your notification preferences” section for detailed guidance.

Organize your messages 

For managing numerous messages, utilize inbox tools to stay organized.

The Sort feature categorizes messages by Newest, Oldest, or Unread, granting control over which messages to prioritize.

The Pin feature allows you to highlight essential messages at the top of your inbox, with a limit of 25 pinned messages at a time. Swipe right on a thread to Pin or Unpin messages.

Ask specific questions 

Before you ask questions about an item, we recommend that you read the item’s description thoroughly because it may contain your answers. But if you need to ask a seller about their item, try asking specific questions, like “Is the item damaged at all?” or “Are you the original owner?”. These kinds of questions tend to get more prompt responses from sellers. 

Let Sellers know if you changed your mind

If you change your mind after expressing interest in buying an item, it’s courteous to inform the seller promptly. A simple message like “Thanks, but I changed my mind” ensures the seller isn’t awaiting your response and can attend to other potential buyers.

Let buyers know if your item sells

Upon selling your item, mark it as sold to remove the listing from the public feed. This informs potential buyers that the item is no longer available and prevents further messages about it.

Propose a safe meetup location

When arranging in-person sales, agree to meet at safe location, well known public locations.  Share these locations with buyers and sellers through messages for safer transactions. Refer to the “meet and pay” section for detailed instructions.