Magufy Community Guidelines

Magufy is dedicated to upholding an inclusive and respectful community. Here’s how you can contribute to creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Interact with courtesy and respect:

Communication is fundamental within our community. If you change your mind about an offer, it’s alright! Kindly inform the seller so they can engage with other potential buyers. If you’ve committed to selling your item to someone else, congratulations on the sale! Notify other interested buyers so they can explore other options. If you’re running late for a meeting, keep the other party informed.

Our best advice is to treat others the way you wish to be treated. It’s always beneficial to communicate any changes in plans.

Moreover, we understand that encountering issues or unexpected outcomes can be frustrating. While rare, if you face a problem with an item post-sale, attempt to resolve it respectfully with the seller. In most cases, they’ll be willing to find a solution.

Should you require assistance, click on ‘Contact Us‘ 

Prohibited behavior

Magufy does not endorse, permit, or tolerate the following behaviors. As a member of the Magufy community who engages with buyers, sellers, and/or employees, you are expected to refrain from these actions. Engaging in any of these behaviors may lead to your account being blocked or banned from the Magufy community.

  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Harassment
  • Spam, unsolicited offers, or system abuse
  • Display of prohibited profile content
  • Fraudulent or illegal activity

Disrespectful behavior includes:

  • Use of profanity or hate speech
  • Incitement or threats of violence, or actual violence
  • Offensive or vulgar listings, items, or messages

Harassment includes:

  • Targeting individuals with complaints about unpurchased items or expressing opinions without intent to purchase
  • Pressuring sellers or buyers into transactions
  • Comments unrelated to the item or personal remarks about appearance or relationship status
  • Any form of harassment, including hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual or sexually suggestive, defamatory, or violent language

Spam, unsolicited offers, or system abuse, such as:

  • Sending unsolicited commercial messages to potential buyers
  • Impersonating other users or entities in communications
  • Any misleading, fake, or malicious communication
  • Misrepresenting yourself or the products being sold
  • Gathering information about community members or directing them to external sites or apps to collect their information
  • Abusing reporting systems or exploiting community protection tools
  • Posting numerous listings but seldom or never responding to interested buyers

Displaying prohibited profile content, such as:

  • Offensive or vulgar profile names, custom profile links, or photos
    Profile names, custom links, or images that violate others’ intellectual property rights
  • Using the Magufy name or image.
  • Including personal contact details
  • Sharing others’ private information, including contact details

Fraudulent or illegal activity, such as:

  • Providing false information
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities on Magufy
  • Violating laws or regulations while using Magufy

We reserve the right to remove any content that violates these guidelines without prior notice. In severe or repeated violation cases, we may suspend or terminate an account or take appropriate action. For further details, refer to our Terms of Service.

If your account was suspended for violating Magufy guidelines but you believe it was an error, you can appeal the decision. Please reach out to us by tapping the ‘Contact Us’ button below to appeal.

How to Ensure Magufy’s Safety

Maintaining a secure and reliable community is a priority for us. If you encounter any suspicious behavior or items, please report them within the app. You can also block a buyer or seller to prevent further contact within the app. Your report and block actions remain confidential.

For additional information, refer to our guide on ‘How to block or report someone.